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NuMicro? M0564 series microcontroller based on the Arm? Cortex?-M0 core operates up to 72 MHz . It features adjustable VDDIO pins for specific I/O pins with a wide range of voltage from 1.8V to 5.5V for various operating voltages of external components, a unique high-speed PWM with clock frequency up to 144 MHz for precision control, and an integrated hardware divider to speed up the calculation for the control algorithms. Apart from that, the M0564 series also integrates SPROM  ( Security Protection ROM ) which provides a secure code execution area to protect the intelligent property of developers. The M0564 series is ideal for industrial control, motor control and metering applications.

The M0564 series supports the wide voltage range from 2.5V to 5.5V and temperature ranging from - 40 ℃  to 105 ℃ , up to 256 Kbytes of Flash memory, 20 Kbytes of SRAM as well as 4 Kbytes of ISP ( In-System Programming ) ROM in 48-, 64- or 100-pin packages. It also supports high immunity of 8 kV ESD ( HBM ) /4 kV EFT. It is also equipped with plenty of peripherals such as timers, watchdog timers, RTC, PDMA, EBI , UART , smart card interface, SPI , I?S, I?C , GPIO, up to 12 channels of 16-bit PWM , up to 20 channels of 12-bit ADC , analog comparator, temperature sensor, LVR ( Low Voltage Reset ) , BOD ( Brown-out Detector ) , 96-bit UID ( Unique Identification ) , and 128-bit UCID ( Unique Customer Identification ) .

Target Application:

Industrial Control, Motor Control, Metering Application, etc.

Key Features:

 -ARM Cortex?-M0
 -Max frequency up to 72 MHz
 -Operating voltage: 2.5V to 5.5V
 -Operating temperature: - 40 ℃ to 105 ℃
 -256 KB Flash
 -20 KB SRAM
 -Independent 4 KB ISP ROM
 -2 KB SPROM ( Security Protection ROM )
 -Supports program update by:

ISP ( In-System Programming )

ICP ( In-Circuit Programming )

IAP ( In-Application Programming )

 -Supports 12-bit SAR ADC of up to 20 channels
 -Conversion rate up to 800K SPS at 5V
? PWM ( Pulse Width Modulation )
 -Supports maximum clock frequency up to 144 MHz
 -Supports 16-bit resolution PWM counter
 -Up to 12 channel PWM outputs or 6 complementary paired PWM outputs
 -Period/duty trigger ADC function
 -Up to 3 sets of USCI ( Configured as UART or SPI or I?C )
 -Up to 3 sets of UART
 -Up to 2 sets of SPI [I?S],( Configured as SPI or I?S )
 -Up to 2 sets of SC[ UART ], ( Configured as SC or UART )
 -Up to 2 sets of I?C
 -16/8-bits EBI interface 
?Clock Control
 -10 KHz internal RC ( LIRC )
 -22.1184 MHz internal RC oscillator ( HIRC, 1 % accuracy at 25 ℃ , 5V )
 -32.768 KHz external crystal ( LXT )
 -4 to 24 MHz external crystal oscillator ( HXT )  
?Supports independent VBAT pin for RTC
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